Snapchat ended up being propelled last year, and also at this point, significantly more than 188 million people put it to use from to day day.

Snapchat ended up being propelled last year, and also at this point, significantly more than 188 million people put it to use from to day day.

Snapchat ended up being propelled last year, and also at this point, significantly more than 188 million people put it to use from to day day.

Difficult to imagine, is not it? Its 50 % of the united states populace. Minimal marvel that various brands and designers make an effort to bring unique filter applications like Snapchat theres a selfie rage around. Weve attempted plenty of channel applications and shortlisted top ten selfie editors that enable you to dress your face up with enlarged truth digital camera features.

Irrespective of you a number of methods of taking your selfies past the real world whether you simply love messing around with face focal lenses or intend to manufacture your filter application like Snapchat and need motivation, these applications will give.

Here you will find the Most Useful Apps Like Snapchat:


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Wickr (articulated Wicker) is an instant messaging app for Android os, iOS that enables one to deliver end to get rid of encrypted and featured communications as writings, images, recordings, papers, and so on. After theyre sent out as we know from experience, it resembles an option to Snapchat as the messages sent on Wickr too are self-destruct and vanish soon.

Situated in San Fransisco, Wickr established in 2012 as a unique and instant messenger that is interesting. The individuals at Wickr have actually assured that Wickr is considered the most protected IM accessible at this time. It is really a feat that is excellent be dependable and safe in this era of electronic crimes. Each inspector that is american all Overseas reviewers have actually given Wickr complete checks about protection.

You may also deliver news files to your connections with Wickr, without making any trace. Wickr additionally enables you to use filters and edit your image before publishing it. A quick search is all you need to do to find and connect your friends who use Wickr. It also allows you to ask buddies whom arent on Wickr.


Even though the pic or news file you send out disappears before long on Snapchat, the recipients can nevertheless screenshot them and hold them within their archives. So it will be dangerous if you deliver any individual or delicate files which you dont like to keep some trace of. Yovo eliminates the vulnerability.

Though it doesn’t clearly avoid screenshots from being taken, it sets in the display screen a fixed distortion wave that blurs everything available to you, making the screenshot useless. This tactic is called D-fence and it has come to exist by Scott Richardson. The application just isn’t now available on Ios, but would be making its first there soon.

Developer: ContentGuard INC

Compatibility: needs iOS 7.0 or later. Suitable for iPhone, iPad, and touch that is iPod. This application is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


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Clip chat is another Snapchat-like software that permits you to definitely send photographs that disappear with a simple touch program. This application resembles Snapchat so much that it appears just like the previous clone.

Unlike the quirky designs of other users, Clipchat has a instead sleek user interface and is easier than Snapchat. The receiver gets a blurred preview of the image first if you send a picture via clipchat. It, there is an animation effect that makes the picture transparent and no longer blurred when he clicks on. Although photo-sharing may be the standard in Snapchat, video-sharing is placed in Clipchat.

Clipchat is high on security, too. If youre mates, this software will even tell you if theyve tried to have a screenshot associated with image you delivered them. Therefore, Clipchat is a straightforward and engaging instant messenger that provides you an entire volatile texting experience.

Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

You might transform into a hollywood, an astronaut, or perhaps a hipster. See you skydiving, take to glam accessories on a coastline, many hairstyles that are wild and whatever not. We’ve been developing over 1,000 AR masks for the previous couple of years currently.

If you wish to create your very own face filters like Snapchat, reach us out and employ them in your software. The face area Filter SDK associated with Banuba makes that feasible!

Exactly What youll like about Banuba face filters

  • AR impacts for the audiences that are various women, males, as well as your sugar daddy for me free website infants. Nice, beauty, frightening, thematic, full-face masks, e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Enjoy etc.
  • Virtual realistic tri-on (glasses, footwear, caps, etc.). AR items work as genuine things which throw light, shadows, and physics assist.
  • Cause outcomes, e.g. starting the mouth area to stimulate an impact. We endorse 5 causes: laugh, available lips, frown, upward eyebrows, and downward eyebrow.
  • Processing video or photography post. Apply the filters to pictures currently made.


A newcomer individual may think about that MSQRD is a face filter application that is mediocre. This has long had minimal outcomes and no modifications. Anybody acquainted with face filters, nonetheless, understands an MSQRD-Cinderella story well. A Belarusian business has started having a revolutionary face monitoring application concept an enjoyable software with face filters.

1 day Facebook called, plus they did, by having an invite to transport Cinderella into the faraway Silicon Valley. The total amount of the deal had not been revealed however the amount of zeros is approximated. MSQRD happens to be a element of face filters on Facebook, refined and advanced, nevertheless the app that is original the location regarding the list.

That which we like about MSQRD

  • Had been on the list of face that is first apps after Snapchat
  • Obtained by Facebook

YouCam Fun

A worthy foe, and another selfie filter function that you definitely would really like. a fantastic variety of 3d face filters and real time stickers is supplied by the YouCam Fun application. The thing that makes YouCam Fun may be the animal facial filters to hold your crazy part to life a pet, deer, snow leopard, or tiger. The application comes with an appearance that is sleek well. Face filters stick well to see your face while you overlay or switch them

That which we like about YouCam Fun

  • A good amount of face filters hairstyles, pets, real time stickers, AR impacts, and much more.
  • Upload and post-process photos that are existing
  • Quick face filter positioning.


The software that goes beyond face augmented truth filters. B612 introduces real-time 3D emojis that copy your mimic. Colors the sky placing results on it. Spend playtime with AR items that one may put during the area. Beautification filters enable adjusting that person shape and makeup that is applying but, it takes improvements.

Of all of the apps, B612 can boast of the arguably many diverse kinds of digital digital digital camera effects.

That which we like about B612

  • Real time avatars with micro-expressions and background change that is real-time.
  • AR stickers that one can placed on genuine areas having a straight back camera.


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